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Mary, Mother of Christ (1995)
	an oratorio based on non-canonical text The Protoevangelium of James,
	chronicling the life of Mary.
	(SATB, chamber orchestra, brass quintet, percussion, harp, organ, piano, vocal soloists)
	premiered December 1998, Boulder, Colorado

Here is a Wound that Never Will Heal (2008) (SSATBB, unaccompanied) 
	(Edna St. Vincent Millay)

Snowflakes (2008) (SATB, unaccompanied) 
	(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Afternoon on a Hill (2008) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(Edna St. Vincent Millay)

Le Glas (2007) (SSATBB, string orchestra, 3 percussionists) 
	(Claude Rahir)

La cogida y la muerte (2006) (SSATB soloists, SSATB chorus, chimes) 
	(Federico Garcia Lorca)

Aux mères (2006) (SSATBB) 
	(Madeleine Vermet)

Lettre à une mère (2006) (SSATBB) 
	(Martine Ardiles)

To a Mother in Iraq (2005) (SSATBB) 
	(Mary Amundsen)

Unto a Broken Heart (2005) (SATB, divisi) 
	(Emily Dickinson)

Aan een Moeder (2004) (SSAATTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (Paul van Ostaijen)

Come Live With Me and Be My Love (2003)  (SATB, 2 violins, harpsichord)
	(Christopher Marlowe)

You Are Beautiful, My Love (2003) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(Song of Solomon)

Hearke, Hearke (2002) (SSAATTBB)
	(William Shakespeare)

More Than a Brother to Me, Jonathan (1995) (SSATBB, unaccompanied)

When You Are Old and Grey (1994) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(William Butler Yeats) 

Set Me As A Seal (2003) (SATB, SATB unaccompanied) (Song of Solomon)

Profound, Sacred (2003) (SSATB, unaccompanied)
	(Timothy Brown)

Empowering Spirit (2003) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(Timothy Brown)

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love (2003) (SATB, unaccompanied)

In the Wilderness (2003) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(Robert Graves) 

Effundam Spiritum Meum (2002) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	Latin Vulgate

Go Down, Moses (2001) (Soprano Solo, Bass Solo, SATB, divisi)
	arr. Spiritual

Our Incomplete Intention (2000) (SATB, organ, 3-6 percussionists)
	NRSV, original text

Introits for the Church Year (1998-2000)
	texts by Rev. Dr. Brian Wren
	Come, Holy Spirit (SATB, organ, 2 percussionists)
	Come Praise the Love Revealed in Christ  (SATB, organ)
	Christmas Acclamation (SSATB, unaccompanied; optional organ introduction)
	Easter Acclamation (SATB, trumpet, organ)
	Communion: In the Breaking of the Bread (SATB, unaccompanied)
	Justice (SATB, flute, trumpet, organ)
	The Life of Jesus  (SATB, organ)
	The Breath of Love is the Wind of Change (SATB, piano)
	Waiting, Preparing for Jesus (SATB, organ)
	Welcome in the Name of Christ  (SATB, handbells, marimba, organ)

Kyrie (1999) (SATB, indeterminate)

I'll Spread God's Works of Grace Abroad (1999) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(Isaac Watts)

It Is Well with My Soul (1998) 
	(arr. for SATB choir, piano, soprano soloist, flute, oboe, violin, viola)

Open the Door, God (1995) (SSATB, piano, organ, percussion, soprano soloist)

Prayer to the Great Spirit (1993) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(trad. Native American)

When You Are Old and Grey  (1993) (SATB, unaccompanied)
	(William Butler Yeats)

Psalm 86  (1992) (SATB, organ)

Treble and Children's Voices
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (2007) (SA chorus, unaccompanied)
	trad. American

Upon the Swallow (2007) (Children's choir, piano) 
	(Robert Herrick)

Friday Afternoons (Benjamin Britten) (2007) (arranged for children's voices and string quartet)
	Begone, Dull Care
	A Tragic Story
	A New Year Carol
	I Mun Be Marrried on Sunday
	There was a Man of Newington
	Fishing Song
	The Useful Plough
	There Was a Monkey
	Old Abram Brown
	Lone Dog

The Wind (2006) (Children's choir, piano) 
	(Christina Rossetti)

Ferry Me Across the Water (2004) (Children's choir, piano) 
	(Christina Rosetti)

Poor Old Jonathan Bing (2001) (unision) (children's choir, piano)

The Seven Joys of Mary (trad.) (1987) (arr. SSA) 
	trad. British

Men's Choirs
Walking Away (2004) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

Crying (2004) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

Moving On (2004) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

June 21 (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

Breathing (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

Waking (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	 (original text) 

Joying (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	(Richard Barnfield)

Wishing (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	(Richard Barnfield)

Sighing, and Sadly Sitting By My Love (2003) (TTBB, unaccompanied)
	(Richard Barnfield)

Some Nights, Stay Up 'Till Dawn (1992) (TTBB)
	Jall ad-Dn ar-Rm

Editions of Renaissance Choral Literature
Byrd, William			Make Ye Joy to God (SATBB)
Clemens (non Papa), Jacob	Gloria Tibi Domine (SATB)
Dunstable, John		Veni Sancte Spiritus (S/ATB) 
de La Rue, Pierre (attr.)	Absalom, Fili Mi  (TTBB)
de La Rue, Pierre		Da Pacem Domine (SATB)
de Lassus, Orlando		Beatus Vir (SA)
Lechner, Leonhard		Beatus Vir (SSATB)
Morales, Cristobal		Ecce Virgo Concipiet (SATB)
Palestrina, Pierluigi		Dies Sanctificatus (SATB)
Palestrina, Pierluigi		In Die Ascensionis (SATB)
des Pres, Josquin		Victimae Paschali Laudes (SATB)
Rogier, Philippe		Clamavi de Tribulatione (SATB)
de Victoria, Toms		O Vos Omnes (SATB)

Editions of Early Baroque Choral Literature
Ouvrard, René			Non Nobis Domine (SSAA) (only surviving work)